Oil Well Pumpers now only spend  a fraction of there time managing their wells with complete results......

Once set-up, the wells will self manage  without the need to physically monitor a well pumping.

Customers report  that the time between "well pulls" and replacing polish rod seals,  is greatly extended because the well never pumps without fluids.

One of the greatest advantages is that the producer positivelyknows what every well is doing.

It is interesting to watch a well when it is "Self Managing" and a daily log is kept!

More Crude Oil

 When left to manage itself, many great things happen that do not occur naturally. When a column of fluid rises between pump cycles in the well bore, if left to itself, the hydro-static bore pressure will equal the bottom pressure, and the incoming flow will stop.

By pumping more frequently, a constant flow of crude oil and brine will continuously fill the well bore. This way, more crude oil is available, and will fill your stock tanks quicker.

'COMPLETE UNIT  for 1 to 5 hp 480/ 277 VAC controls

WHAT THE OIL WELL SENTRY does........................

The best reasons Oil Producers, like you,  have installed a 'Sentry on their wells. The amazing features of a

"Self Managing" control ....................................

  • Since all wells pump a different volume of crude oil every cycle, the Oil   Well Sentry "pump-off" watches  the fluid level in the Working Barrel. When the fluid level just starts to pump low, the 'Sentry confirms the well is pumping down, and stops the production cycle.

  •  The well never "pounds" or pumps without fluid.

  •  An Hour Meter records every cycle of how long it pumped.  

  •  Energy saving: Many records have indicated that a 34% decrease in energy usage.

  •  Increased production: a) One customer told me of his conventional equipment and methods on 18 wells before the Sentrys were installed. He produced and shipped crude oil once every 3 months from their 3 tanks. When 18 Sentry's were installed,  pumping 3 -4 cycles a day, he was able to ship oil every month, basically tripling his production!
  •  Using a more ambitious schedule of 4 cycles a day from once a day, one well increased production from 12 gallons to 18 gallons a day, or a additional barrel more every week........and never pumped "dry" or without fluid.

  •  Nice part, all the 'Sentry' s are "Self Managing"! Never need to watch a pump-off, or guess how to set the pump cycles, or set the time between cycles, or try to outguess Mother Nature!

  •   Most Producers visit their wells every 2-3 days for wear, damage, fallen tree limbs, vandalism, and crude oil production.  It is not unusual on a 90 to 100 well lease,  with wells 300 feet apart,  to completely  cover all the wells in 2-4 hours, and positively KNOW that all equipment is working, and the production of every well!

Typical bridle mounted sensor without  covers is shown.