Oil Well Sentry, Inc.
Creator of the Sentry Pump Management System and Devices for Conventional Oil Wells.
Originated and developed in the birth place of the Oil Industry, Oil City, PA

Respecting Nature
Oil Wells, like so much of Nature must be respected by treating the wells with care. Each well must be operated within the individual confines of each well.  

All wells, must be operated as individual units to get the premium production, and lowest operating cost.

One fixed schedule, or one fixed procedure will not produce Crude Oil to the maximum, with the least production cost and especially, your time to manage.

OBJECTIVE: Self- Managing Controls by monitoring the fluid level in the working barrel!

Never again ABUSE your well by pumping without fluids!
End all "pounding" or hitting bottom because all the fluids have pumped! 

The bridle mounted sensor or in-line sensors monitor the fluid level in the Working Barrel. The production cycle will automatically terminate when the fluid level in the Working Barrel pumps from full to low (but not completely empty) .

1) Would you like to eliminate most of the routine time and labor a "Pumper" puts in to pump a well, and just let it the well manage itself for the most crude oil and lowest production cost, and also know what each well is doing?

2) Do you know how long each well actually produces brine and crude or is it just pumping because that is the time the Time Clock is set for?

3) If one morning your expected oil production level in one of your tanks was low, would you know which well had a problem, and how would you find out?

4) How many man-hours does it take to check all your wells, and in the end, do you have any idea of what each individual oil well actually produces?

The Oil Well Sentry Inc. has created an affordable Pre-Pump-Off Device that is "self managing", and quickly pays for itself. Some units were paid off in less than a week, most may take 1 to 2 months!

The Sentry is available as a Complete Pump Control or an "Add-On" to automate your existing basic pump controls.

Ever though the Sentry works by monitoring the fluid in the Working Barrel at the bottom of the well, the ' Sentry is quickly installed at ground level.

Available in 480 VAC-3 phase with 277 vac controls, 480 -3 phase with 120 vac controls , 230 1 or 3 phase with 230 vac controls, or 12 VDC

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