New York State Regulation 613 for Tank high fluid Shutdown control. Shown is the Power Line Communications for situations where the Tanks are a long distance from the power to the lease power controls. Shuts the Lease down if a Stock tank is at a high level. All sizes are available from individual wells to tank or small leases and local tanks to long distances away. See page 4.

News..  Buy an "Add-On" Oil Well Sentry", for use with most  wells, that uses a back-pressure" valve.                                     This "self  managing" control is less than $1,501.00 . Use the Sentry with your basic controls and timer, stops Production at "pump-off", and records how long it pumped........Period!!!! Almost any control voltage from 120 vac to 277 vac.

This well drilled by Quaker State  in the 1970's pumped for 45 minutes every day for 10 gallons of Crude Oil.  An "Add-On" Sentry with a  Bridle sensor was installed.  Four one hour pumping cycles each day were initially set.  Three days later, we discovered the well pumped for only four -7  minute  pumping cycles a day ( that's all the fluid the well could produce) but increased the volume of oil  from 10 gallons to 18 gallons a day. (69 barrels of PA crude oil a year more.

  Also, 17 minutes less pumping time each day, with  less  wear and tear, and  also  recorded the pumping time of each and every cycle.

The perfect shallow well Pump-Off Control using a bridle control for oil wells down to 2,300 feet, or with an in-line sensor to 5-6,000 feet deep. The best part is that the 'Sentry controls are "SELF Managing". All the pumper has to do is set the Time Clock for 4 to 6 cycles a day and spend 1 minute every day or 2 checking the well out, mark the Production Time in a book, and go to next well! Never pumps without fluid ! Move well rework time to 3 to 5 years and decrease energy cost by 30% and labor by 90% compared to conventional pumping procedures .  Monitors every cycle day and night for a slight decrease of fluid level in the Working Barrel or decrease in flow volume, then
terminates the pumping cycle, and records the production time. Actually, eliminating just one well repair, pays for the Sentry. Never monitor a well again for flow or "trying to catch "pump-Off "again. Let the 'Sentry manage it!

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